Channel 9: Sean O'Driscoll talks about Microsoft MVPs and MVP program

Video posted today: Channel 9: Sean O'Driscoll: General Manager for Community Support and the MVP Program  (36 minutes) .

Last year I had this idea to do a video interview of Sean O'Driscoll, a General Manager for Community Support and the MVP Program at Microsoft, to discuss the history, current state, and future of Microsoft MVPs and the MVP Program. This interview is a discussion only, no demos, so downloading the WMA or MP3 audio file is a good option to listen.

Being an MVP myself for much of the 1990s before joining Microsoft as well as being apart of all MVP Summits that Microsoft has hosted, the discussion with Sean was educational and nostalgic. Sean and I also talk at length about communities in general and how passion for a product or service is usually the driving factor behind any type of community. The annual MVP Summit is occurring here in Seattle and Redmond next week with around 2,000 MVP attending from around the world.

More about Sean... For the past 5 years, Sean has been responsible for the MVP Program which now includes about 4,000 MVPs worldwide. Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) are a select group of experts representing technology's best and brightest people who share a commitment to community. Sean will be leaving Microsoft later this year, see his blog post about it from last December: 15 years at Microsoft, coming to an end…mixed emotions.

For more information about the MVP Program, refer to