From Metallica to Mozart

The conference in Prague appears to be a great success again this year thanks to Igor Vit and the rest of the team at DAQUAS. Tore Bleken (the driver), my brother J.D., and I left Prague at 2:30pm on Wednesday afternoon after I finished all my sessions at Prague DevCon and headed south to Austria. All along the road to the Czech Republic border there were posters on walls and polls advertising the Metallica concert in the area for July 1st. It would have been great to see a rock concert like that in a country like Czech Republic. Tuesday evening my brother and I went to a great symphony at the Municipal House in old town Prague for a performance including Carmen and Four Seasons. Using my iPod using an FM transmitter to the car stereo system during our drive, we listened to classic rock, 80s hits, some selective country hits from the 70s, as well as the entire soundtrack from the movie Amadeus. This was a bit of a change from the music. During the drive on Sunday through Hamburg, Berlin, and Dresden Germany, I was playing on my iPod all Scorpions all the time. The Scorpions are my favorite band, and they are from Hannover Germany. This evening we had dinner and walked around Salzburg. Right now, at 1:45am Thursday morning our time and I’m in a hotel in Rosenheim Germany. Tomorrow morning we drive Innsbruck Austria, then on to St Moritz in Switzerland for dinner, through the country of Lichtenstein and the on into Zurich Switzerland. I do two presentations on Friday morning in Zurich at a TechDay event hosted by Microsoft in Switzerland. I have been taking notes and photos at each key point in my trip through Europa. I plan to post another entry here with updated trip details from Zurich tomorrow evening.