Server Core Configurator 2.0

sconfig is a great tool that allows you to get a server core implementation up and running much faster than digging up netsh commands and such to get IP’s configured, etc…

If you haven’t seen – Core Configurator 2.0 kicks sconfig up a notch. 


This version has been written in PowerShell 2.0 with a reference to Winforms so that a GUI format is displayed.

Core Configuration tasks include:

  • Product Licensing
  • Networking Features
  • DCPromo Tool
  • ISCSI Settings
  • Server Roles and Features
  • User and Group Permissions
  • Share Creation and Deletion
  • Dynamic Firewall settings
  • Display | Screensaver Settings
  • Add & Remove Drivers
  • Proxy settings
  • Windows Updates (Including WSUS)
  • Multipath I/O
  • Hyper-V including virtual machine thumbnails
  • Join Domain and Computer rename
  • Add/remove programs
  • Services
  • WinRM
  • Complete logging of all commands executed

Download latest release

  • Run Setup-CoreConfig.wsf

Enjoy Configurator!!