Customer Experiences

We've been talking to many customers lately about their experiences with KN. You can hear a few present their highlights at the upcoming KMWorld and ECMWest conferences. We also have heard from top strategists who work with large organizations around the world. Here is what one of our colleagues in the field stated today about how KN can help manufacturing customers:

"Automotive companies have invested heavily in more responsive lean manufacturing processes, just-in-time inventory systems, synchronized design and development processes. Today, a significant percentage of the automobile is developed and manufactured by OEM supplier networks. Consequently, the cost and quality of a vehicle are a function of the productivity of a network of firms working in collaboration. Thus, identifying and accessing expertise within the organization and uncovering connections across the supply chain are critical elements of competitive advantage. KN can provide these just-in-time expertise location capabilities to allow customers to find, use and internally share their knowledge-based networks to achieve sustainable competitive advantage."