KN Resources

For those of you that are subscribers to Microsoft SharePoint Advisor, check out John Hand’s latest Knowledge Management article entitled: Turn Search into Action with [you guessed it] Microsoft Knowledge Network. John wrote about KN from 3 perspectives: Developer, IT and End User. For the Web issue it’s published in the 2006 week 28 edition. For the Print issue it’s in the July/August 2006 editionon page 10 of the magazine (Doc #18167).

For those of you with Betaplace access we recommend you use the KN beta newsgroup for support related questions. If you have access to Betaplace, then select the “Participation Info” link along the top and choose “Newsgroups”. This will explain how to connect to the beta newsgroups. Please note that these newsgroups are private newsgroups only. These are the 2 specific KN newsgroups once you have this configured: