What's New in RC0?

The question came up, "what's new with this release of KN?" And so here's the answer, in addition to being more stable, which is the main goal of most subsequent releases, it adds the list below. As a Release Candidate, hence the designation "RC0" this is our first build that we feel is stable enough to be the final code. Pending your feedback and assuming that this code will be stable we will rerelease this code as the Release To Web (RTW) version. If we get significant feedback that there are issues with this build we will fix those and then release it again as RC1. But we feel pretty confident that this is the one. So enjoy! 

This release features the following enhancements:

·  Back-off functionality to improve your experience when you are performing activities on your machine

·  Various performance enhancements on both the client and server

·  Improved keyword quality and generation

·  An inner-circle web part that highlights people closest to you and are most likely to assist with your query