New Master Data Services Content (What Else?!)

msdev is about to launch a series of training courses for Master Data Services that covers early concepts, setup, model building, configuration, security model setup and the object model. This should be a great series and promises to be a solid introduction to the product.

If you haven’t noticed lately, there is a great set of entries up on the SSIS team blog now. These are quality blog entries that really get into the details of how the product works and how to use it. If you haven’t looked lately and you want to understand master data services, this is definitely a great resource. The entries are created by the engineers that designed, coded and documented the product and peer reviewed before being posted. They are of very high quality, accurate and authoritative.

The online documentation for MDS has also been updated. The following explains derived hierarchies:

Finally, Donald Farmer does his usual excellent job at describing Master Data Management and the important elements of making master data management useful and some of the key value propositions of MDS.