Whence Microsoft's Master Data Management Offering

A while back I blogged about the Technology Preview for the Master Data Management product that we released to just about anyone that was interested. That was very early in the project and right after we had acquired the Stratature company. The preview was a success. In fact, we've had great response to it and many customers have actually used the preview edition in pre-production implementations and giving us great reports and feedback. Microsoft is also using the product for several internal implementations. Over all, we're happy with the technology preview and feel it's run it's course.

Now that the team is focused on delivering the next version of the product as well as preparing for the first CTP release and accompanying TAP, we've discontinued the Technology Preview. This will give us more time to focus on delivering a quality release and gives our customers and partners some time to transition to planning around the forthcoming CTP and TAP.

As I mentioned in my last entry, we'll be formally announcing the go to market plans for the master data management product soon. If the number of emails in my inbox is any indication, interest in Microsoft's MDM offering is really heating up. For those that may be wondering if the Stratature product lives on, I can definitely say yes. The core capabilities will be there, the people that came to Microsoft from Stratature are still part of our team and contributing with those that have joined since to deliver the next release.

Folks who wanted to be on the Technology Preview but didn't make the cut off date don't need to wait long as the TAP is around the corner.