MSDN Subscription - Restrict DVD delivery language

If you have an MSDN subscription, I suppose you get a lot of DVDs in different languages like Italian, German, Swedish, etc... every month.

Je ne parle pas français? - Non parlo italiano? - No hablo español?

Good news for all Europeans: You can restrict the languages of DVDs delivered to you!

1.) Go to

2.) Login with your Firstname / Lastname, Email & Subscriber-ID as printed on your MSDN card.

3.) Select "Subscription Information"

4.) Select "Change your Media/Language Type".clip_image001[8]

5.) Select the language of your choice:

And no more hours of throwing away useless DVD - PLUS: you've helped reducing the wastage.

If you surprisingly need a language later on: No need to be confused - you can download it from the MSDN site anyway.