My first car-crash-experience :-(

If you were going to work last thursday on the A22, you maybe were annoyed about a (small) traffic jam..
I've got to admit - it was my fault :-(

I was driving to work by car in the morning, there was a normal amount of traffic and (yet) no jam, as suddenly - within a tunnel - a pickup truck in front of me came nearer and nearer.
"damn.. the truck is standing still" - I realized in no time. Unfortunately too late.

Although I tried to retard my car the distance between me and the truck got smaller and smaller. At a speed of about 20 km/h I had reached the back side of the truck, where a liftgate was mounted. I crashed into the truck and the rear platform of the truck gouged into the hood of my poor little darling :-( Both airbags deployed, my laptop-backpack was catapulted on the floor below the co-driver's seat and it was awfully stinking like sulfur.

After a first shock ("oh my god.. is my car going to explode in no time") - I got out of my car and talked excitedly to the truck-driver, who was not very impressed by the accident. "I have to move on.." he said, but I insisted to call the police. He said he had stopped because another driver in front of him had also stopped (maybe to switch the lane). After the police arrived they guided us to a parking-area next to the highway.

Two hours later a breakdown van with a rather grubby driver (who later simply threw a just emptied coke-can out of the window while driving on the highway) arrived to lift my car and tow it to the next workshop.
Fortunately I was not harmed - although my back is still hurting sometimes..