Starting in a new part of live... :-)

A little pathetic for a simple thing: Today I've started my new blog on!

I will try to publish articles containing experiences I've made with .Net technologies as well as provide some personal information about me and the things I do.

I'm developer evangelist at Microsoft Austria, since 2nd of October. In the past I've been working at a smaller sw-development company, specialized on .Net technology.

I've studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna and made a master's degree ("DI(FH)") in informatics.

To earn the degree I wrote a diploma thesis with the "sophisticated" (=long) title "Integrating RFID Smart Labels and Smart Device Clients into a Supply-Chain-Management-Environment to improve quality assurance"...

(wow! I am proud that I still know the title by heart)

Recently I have been focused on Windows Forms and Mobile Device development. I also had some experience with Windows Workflow Foundation. In the near future I hope to do some cool things with WPF!


So this was the "official" part :-)

In my spare-time I love playing the piano - although I prefer doing free-style improvisations to playing classics. I often try re-playing songs I've heard on the radio before (this doesn't work with rap,.. of course)

I live near a small "mountain" in the north of Vienna, so I often go hiking in the afternoons or evenings. Some other hobbies of mine are cycling and going skiing (varying on the current season). Recently I've bought myself a video camera and now I also produce small films (recording and cutting them later).


That's all for know... Cu later!