Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 – Setup Screenshots

Today I’ve installed Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Ultimate on a VHD-booted machine.

The new version of our development tool is based on Windows Presentation Foundation, which means that a lot of new flexibility (e.g. diagrams within the code editor) are possible. VS 2010 comes together with .NET 4 Beta 2.

There’s also a new logo and design for the tool.

MSDN Subscribers can get the public beta 2 on (which is also redesigned), the rest of you will have to wait until Wednesday.

See below the screenshots of the installation:


The good old “Start Installation” dialog, in new design.


The new Visual Studio Wave, as the installer is loading.


Press “Next” to start installation.


EULA Agreement, and prerequisite installation.


Selection of components to be installed:

Note – This screen got lots slimmer. With the new Ultimate edition you can choose between different languages to be installed, as well as VSTO for Office and Sharepoint Tools.



Installation Screen – Component Overview


WE’RE DONE! This is the new start screen of Visual Studio 2010.


Now with environment settings for “Visual F#” and “Web Development (Code Optimized) as well as “Project Management Settings”.


Here we are.. The new welcome screen! Isn’t it beautiful :-)