Visual Studio Templates for Composite WPF Guidance

I've played around with Composite Application Guidance for WPF for a while now. Yesterday I did a session about CAG at the DEVcamp, a conference in Austria. As the time slot was only one hour I decided to fasten the demos by using code snippets (and the new designer tool) and special project and item templates. Ezequiel Jadib has built a project-template for Shell projects, but unfortunately until now, now other templates existed.

That's why I decided to build a bunch of templates myself:

  • Composite WPF - Solution: Containing a shell, and an infrastructure project, all structured in solution folders.
  • Module-Project: Creates a new module, with IModule and a ModuleController class.
  • View-Item Template: Adds a new view (user control) together with a presentation model, necessary interfaces and wires all up.

Download the ZIP-File containing sources and built binaries here.

See the post on how to install the binaries or build the sources here.

Read a step-by-step instruction on how to use the templates.

After installing (or building), Visual Studio offers a new subgroup under "C#" titled "Composite App Guidance for WPF" in "New Project".


Additionally you get a new item in the "New Item" dialog, called "Composite WPF View and Presentation Model".

The project templates use wizards (like the one shown below) to query information about the items created.


Note: The wizards say "Composite WPF Guidance Contrib", as I hope to get into the Contrib project with this ;-)