Whitepaper - "InfoScreen App with Silverlight 1.0"

One of our mail goals in the Developer & Platform Evangelism is driving adoption of new technologies. To do so we're working with strategic customers which are interested in our stuff and help them implementing projects.

A few months ago we started working with derStandard.at, which is a well-known website in Austria, that is attached to one of the largest country-wide newspapers.

They're looking for new innovative ways to provide their content. That's why they evaluated Silverlight for a new InfoScreen application of theirs.

My colleague Mario Szpuszta and I supported derStandard.at in architectural design and prototyping of their project.

As a conclusion we've written a whitepaper on the architecture of the application and some best practices when working with Silverlight 1.0.

By the time we started the project, Silverlight 1.0 was the stable release of the new platform, that's why we've decided to use the first, JavaScript based version. derStandard.at will update their project to Silverlight 2.0 and so will we update the whitepaper (if you're interested in us doing so).

Feel free to download the whitepaper here and see our experiences with building an InfoScreen application with Silverlight 1.0.