WPF Day in Dublin

Last week I was in Dublin doing two sessions on WPF for Microsoft Ireland.

They did a "Client-UI Day", where they featured WPF and Silverlight.

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The first session was given by the Irish Developer Evangelist Ronan Geraghty, who did an introduction to the Microsoft Client Platform, showing the differences between AJAX, Silverlight, WPF and when to use what.

Next I did a WPF for beginners session, where I showed all the details of XAML, Databinding, Styles, Templates, etc...

Afterwards my colleague Martha Rother from Ireland did a session on Silverlight.

Last but not least I showed how to leverage WPF and Composite WPF Guidance ("Prism") to build business applications.

Overall a really nice event, with around 80 attendees and a lot of interesting ideas and feedback on the Microsoft Client Continuum.

If you're interested in my slides on WPF Introduction and Composite WPF, find them here:

WPF Sessions.zip

Going home from Ireland I took two flights via London.. What a bad choice.. I drove to Dublin Airport at 6:30 am, arriving in Vienna at 5pm :-) Almost half a day of traveling and waiting...

WPF Sessions.zip