XNA Session @ TechEd Europe

Microsoft TechEd Developers

On Tuesday I'll be doing a session about the XNA Framework at TechEd Europe together with my colleague Andreas Schabus.

TLA314 Microsoft XNA Studio Express - Developing 2D-Games for Windows and Xbox 360

at 9am in Room 123.

Huh.. That's gonna be an early morning.. (for YOU, as you should really attend this session :-P)

So what are we going to do:

Develop a simple arcade game in less than 75 minutes (because there're some theory slides in it, too).

image image

If you're already have experience with XNA watch out, this is a beginner's session in terms of XNA!

Nevertheless we will dive into the depths of coding, so you need good C#/OOP knowledge!

We'll use 2D drawing and collision detection in an object-oriented game model.

What could be interesting for experienced developers is the architectural concept for using multiple screens with the help of a GameScreenManager we're going to show in the last part of the session!

So see you in Barcelona! - Hol√°!