[Channel9]David Grant and Ryan Kivett: !Analyze - Automatic Root Cause Analysis

Windbg를 사용하면서 !analyze –v 명령을 사용해 보지 않으신 분은 없으리라 생각 합니다. 자동으로 문제점을 진단하는 !analyze 를 개발하는 Engineer 두 명의 인터뷰 입니다.

David Grant and Ryan Kivett: !Analyze - Automatic Root Cause Analysis

!Analyze is an automatic root cause analysis tool for software failures. For years, it has provided insight to engineers both inside and outside of Microsoft. It is a key enabling technology behind numerous higher-level feedback systems, including Windows Error Reporting and Watson.
!Analyze runs millions of times each day, producing actionable results from reliability telemetry data sent to Microsoft. Ordinary debugging tools report the file and function where a failure ended. !Analyze pinpoints where the failure started.
How does it work, exactly? What's the story behind !Analyze?
Meet two of the Software Developers behind !Analyze, David Grant and Ryan Kivett. They share with us how !Analyze works, it's history and provide a glimpse into it's potential future.Tune in.
Great job, !Analyze team!