Not receiving incoming calls on Your Cingular SmartPhone?

All week long, I have received no incoming calls or voicemails on my Audiovox SMT5600 Smartphone, on the Cingular network. I was beginning to believe myself to be as unpopular as I sometimes feel. During this time, I made multiple outgoing calls...

This morning, I looked down at my phone to discover that I had 20 voicemails in my Inbox. Twenty (20)! All at once.

It suddenly occurred to me that my phone has not been receiving incoming calls for a week. I did the logical thing: I shook my SmartPhone. Unsuccessful, I did the rational thing:

  1. I tried to connect to a new network, without luck.
  2. I re-booted my device, without luck.
  3. "Flightmode" appeared at the top of my display, after re-boot. Interesting...vexing...
  4. Knowning that it's impossible to connect to a GPRS network while in flightmode, I tried to disable "Flightmode" by tapping  my SmartPhone's power button and clicking "Flightmode Off". No luck.
  5. I re-booted my device again. No luck.
  6. I surrendered and dialed up...
  7. I searched for "flightmode" using their self-help utility and JOILA!


"If phone still displays flight mode even when flight mode is turned Off in the "quick list":

Note, around the time when my Windows Mobile 5.0 SmartPhone stopped apprising me of incoming calls, I was attempting to sync my phone with my new TabletPC, over bluetooth, for the first time. I am running Windows Vista. I do not know if this activity occasioned the wierdness described above but it's awfully suspicious.