Power Bloggers

Power Bloggers' Matrimonial Bliss
Josh explains what it's like to be married to another power blogger: Gretchen. Very funny.

Power Blogger's Business Card
Maryam Ghaemmaghami Scoble's purrfect offline contribution to bloggers everywhere.
Oh, and Maryam dear, you must read Josh's post (above).

Power Blogger's Book
Queen of Blog, Betsy Aoki, poses with Maryam's husband (what waaas his name?;-) at the recent signing party for his book, Naked Conversations, a book about blogging about bloggers about blogs and stuff.

Power Blogger Friends:
I snapped this pic at a "drinking about community" event last week in Bellevue, organized by Betsy. May there be many more! Left to right: Josh Ledgard, Gretchen Ledgard, Alex Barnett, Raymond Chen, Betsy Aoki, KC Lemson, Tony Hynes, Al Billings, and Jason McCullough.