Techie Toys My Toddler Digs II

My wonderful account representative at, Hope recently and unexpectedly sent me a box of fun swag ideas. What a gal! She guaranteed that my toddler, Kiera would like the "jellyfish yoyos".


Hope is thoughtful and definitely upbeat but it's fairly obvious she doesn't have any kids of her own because otherwise she would know what every parent on Earth knows: you can never guarantee that a kid will like anything. When, with fanfare and excitement, I disgorged the jellyfish yoyo from its box, shown below atop MicroTeddies head, Kiera studied it suspiciously, wrinkled up her face, turned around, and scooted across the room. This being very unusual behavior, it was instantly obvious to me that she was afraid of the jellyfish and as I soon discovered, the inside-out rubber anenome thing as well. Similarly and curiously, she had an adverse reaction to the glow pendant too, which hangs around MicroTeddies neck in this picture. In short order, I dumped the fearful objects into the "trash" and assured Kiera that they would never return to haunt her. Perhaps Sandy can put them to good use?

Whereas Kiera abhors the spongy jellyfish, the rubber anenome thing, and the ravelace, she attached herself to the glow in the dark fan (below) like nothing else I have ever given her. It is her new favorite toy. She played with it for 1/2 hour (!), sticking her fingers, nose, and tongue into the fan blade, changing the frequency of its rotation, and marveling at the multi-colored lights. As noted in my previous post, Kiera loves fans. Another Branders promo that she really liked was the carabiner calculator. Her liking for this calculator may have something to do with the fact that her daddy has carabiner chew toys deployed throughout the house. Then again, she really loves the little rubber buttons. Until next time...