Ah you slay me, so stop Mossing with me.

I have a good friend, let's call him Chun...and he's been sending me a few jokes he's been coming up with. I thought I'd share :)

An IT manager walks into the cube of his over-worked SharePoint administrator and says:

"If you implement the new version of SharePoint by the end of this year, I'll give you a 20% pay raise and a promotion!"

The over-worked SharePoint administrator looks blankly at the manager and says:

"Quit MOSSing with me"

Cher was a big proponent of collaboration even way back in the 70's. She kept bugging Sonny about it, extolling the virtues of collaboration. But Sonny just did not get it.

He basically replied:

"What's Cher-point?"

Did you know that Richard Harris, the great actor, was a fan and proponent of collaboration? One of his most well known works, was in the movie/musical called CAMLot

I gotta' million and 3 o'em (less 1,000,000 of course)