SPSiteManager Postings - The Maestosso Interstellar Suite Complete -

SPSiteManager Postings

Throughout this week, I hope to get some SPSiteManager postings complete matching the SPUserUtil series.

For a recap of the SPUserUtil Series:

I'm not sure of the flow of scenario examples, but I imagine that I'll start with the analysis portion, and do a series on the varying level of analysis options, then kick off into the repartition operation, as these are the two most used operations.

I'll cover the way SPSiteManager checks against Capacity Planning Guidelines, then provide some examples of how we use it for working with our customers to look for problems.

Of course, once problems are detected, I'll then demonstrate how we use the tool to help eliminate those problems and help our customers manage their servers.

The Maestosso Interstellar Suite - Complete?

On the lighter side of things, I spent some time this past weekend fleshing out Part II of The Maestoso Interstellar Suite, and think I'm just about finished with this CD. With that, I have removed the full length previews (Sorry guys :) ).

Part I was massaged a bit to clear up some other artifacts in the song that I wanted to change, and Part II was expanded into 4 segments. The latter 2 segments are what you may have heard in my previous posting.

The end result is one continuous piece of music split across 6 movements as noted below:

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Part I
Movement I (Event Horizon)
Movement II (Naked Singularity)
Part II
Movement III (Inertial Frame of Reference)
Movement IV (Redshift)
Movement V (Time Dilation)
Movement VI (Causality)

Ok, so there's really 7 segments if you include the intermission :)

I really dig how this little distraction came together, and I'm quite pleased with the end result. While working on this project, it completely reminded me of what I loved about the early 80's electronic music I listened to then and now. This is in fact how Tangerine Dream did most of their concerts in the early 80's. One continuous set of music split across various movements, but more on that in my next few postings of the "History of Musical Influences by that SharePoint Guy...".

Also, for those of you familiar with my Sidetracks - Volume 3 release, you'll notice I put it together in a somewhat similar fashion, making it one complete 70 minute continuous piece of music.

Hmmm, so...This will mark the 6th completed CD I'll have ready soon (Well, if you count the early years, and yet unpublished CD's, it equates to about 10 CDs worth of music over the past 5 years....) Hmmmm, is it time for a Best Of CD? :)

- Keith