Troubleshooting WSS Event 1000 DB Connectivity Problems - Part 2

Chris Gideon has posted a great article with a list of the most common reasons why you'll see the dreaded WSS Event 1000 DB Connectivity even as noted in my previous article Troubleshooting WSS Event 1000 DB Connectivity Problems. In my article I noted that this can be caused by numerous things.

Chris provides a great 20 item check list of things to ensure are correct that can cause this problem, and we both know there are more. The fact is, it's a "General" error message that bubbles up because of various database connectivity problems, and SharePoint is simply a victim. As he notes though, V3 makes the bubbling up of this warning alot clearer to help you identify the problem.

I also love how he notes that we use SPSiteManger frequently to help identify problems like these. We're diggin this tool :) I can't wait to go full steam on SCA.Next in which I'll be incorporating all of SPSiteManagers features.

Read the full post on his blog.

 - Keith