Using SharePoint as an aid to my Tangerine Dream Collection project

In my previous post, I commented that I've updated my indieOpolis site to WSS 3.0,  As well, I've migrated my Tangerine Dream Collection Project site to WSS 3.0 under the indieOpolis server as well.

This past weekend, I spent "WAY TOO MUCH TIME" re-generating everything from scratch for a few reasons:

  1. I hated what I had before :)
  2. As noted in my previous post, I broke everything :( because I chose to start from scratch, and just didn't want to migrate it.  I wanted to force myself into starting over with a better design.
  3. 4 words, "Content Types Are Cool!"

So, with a bit of pain, and a few SharePoint Designer lockups later, I've got it back off to a good start.  Go Here and check it out!  And be sure to check out the Tangerine Dream Release Inspector I designed to just traverse through the semi-official Tangerine Dream release list.

 - Keith