The Decider

OK, This is not about WF or Technology or anywhere near it. This is about Formula 1. My biggest passion. This week is the final race of the season. Raikkonen, Alonso and Hamilton are ready to samba at Brazil. Though the odds are very much in favor of Hamilton with his 4 and 7 point lead over Alonso and Raikkonen, I wouldnt be surprised if something absurd happens. Shanghai last week set up a prime example there bringing Hamilton back to earth and putting it as simple as 'It ain't over until it is over mate'.

Well, for me, I somehow want Alonso to win even after all his antics throughout the year. I like that driver and his indomitable fighting spirit, and his appetite to win by hook or by much so for Schumi.

Cant wait for 12 pm EST on Saturday for the qualifying. And after that it would be Sunday, imagine Raikkonen on pole with Alonso and Hamilton side by side at the first corner. Who would be on the inside, who would out break the other guy and who would take the other person out.....phew...not for faint hearted!!!

The biggest Formula One fan!