What is an MVVM-friendly DomainDataSource?

The second most requested feature on our WCF RIA Services Wish List is an MVVM-friendly DomainDataSource. The neat part about this request is that it means many different things to many different people. The challenge in addressing it is to figure out what are the most valuable changes that will satisfy the greatest number of scenarios.

This is where I turn to you. I’d love to hear some opinions about what people think is important. For now, let’s keep the discussion constrained to two questions.

  1. What are the two most important changes for us to make to the DomainDataSource to make it MVVM-friendly?
  2. If those changes were made, would you use the DomainDataSource in your View Models?

I know there’s more on this topic to talk about, but let’s start slow. I've started this thread on the forum to discuss the issue.