Tech-ed and some announcements

Tech-ed North America is going on right now in Los Angeles and we from VSTS and lab management team have a big presence there. In case you are attending Tech-ed, we have 4 VSTS booths in the DPR/ALM area of the Technical Learning Center. One of these booths is dedicated for Test Edition, and we have a machine setup with lab management. Please stop by to see the latest bits in action and to discuss any questions you may have. Also, we have a session on lab management on May 14th, Thursday at 4:30 pm (DTL317: Using Virtualization to Improve Application Quality with Team System - Lab Management).

There have been a few important announcements this week. We announced the name for the generalist testing tool used for testing and lab management as "Microsoft Test and lab manager" (formerly codenamed Camano). You can read more about this in Jason's blog post. Also, there have been some announcements about Windows Server virtualization  and Windows 7 with respect to release timelines and new features. You can read all about it in the virtualization team blog.