Looking for answers on SharePoint and WSS

The first place that I go when I have a WSS problem or question is the WSS FAQ, which has a ton of great information. This site is a joint effort of Mike Walsh, Jim Duncan and Larry Strange, and represents the majority of the most frequently asked questions from the WSS newsgroup. It's presented in SharePoint, and I've had great luck with using the site search to find information.

If I can't find my answer there, the second place I go is to the online newsgroups. If you're not familiar with them, an easy way to get there is to navigate from this TechNet page -- it has links to both SPS groups, along with the WSS group, and you can launch the groups either in your newsreader or in a brand new web-based interface. One of the cool things about the new web interface is that authenticated users can mark posts as Questions, as well as rate posts as helpful or not. MVPs can mark posts as Answers.  

Here's an example of a post that the user submitted as a Question, I responded to the post with an answer, the user marked my response helpful, and an MVP marked it as an answer. So when you look at the thread, you can see the icon that indicates an answered question. This means that when I use the new web interface to search, I can easily identify which threads have posts that have been marked as answers by a knowledgable person! As we build up more Answers, this should be really helpful, allowing users to quickly scan for answers when they've searched on keywords. But no matter how you access the newsgroups, there's always good information to be found there.