PalmOne Support Site has really improved!

I got an SMS message a while back to install a new update to my Treo 600. I never installed the update before this one -- my phone was working fine, and I didn't want to lose the ringtones that I worked so hard to get ;-) This time, though, I went to the site to check out what was included in the update -- I was very pleasantly surprised to find that PalmOne had updated their website and support information seems much easier to find (including, finally, a

How to get Treo 600 Ringtones article. (If the link doesn't work, it may have some session info in it. Use this one instead and then search for "Ringtones".)

One beef about the update though.  Why would you have to have the phone connected to a power source AND have a fully charged battery?  My gut tells me it's not necessary to have the battery fully charged, but I certainly wouldn't want to have a problem because I didn't wait, so I am -- but it's very inconvenient.