SharePoint List as secondary datasource

Jan Tielens has a great post about using SharePoint Lists as a secondary datasource:

The InfoPath Service Pack1 adds some nice features to InfoPath, there a few that I really like. One of them is the ability to use a SharePoint list as a data source. For example if you have a contact list in SharePoint containing information about your customers, you can easily create a drop-down list box on an InfoPath form, that automatically gets filled with a list of your customers. That’s already nice, but in some cases you may want to fill other fields on your form, based on the selected item of your drop-down list box. For example: you want to display the address of the selected customer on your InfoPath form. This involves a little bit of plumbing code which can be done either in .NET code (by using the InfoPath 2003 Toolkit for Visual Studio.NET) or in Java/VB-script. So because not everyone lives in a managed world today, let’s do it in good old VB-script! (sometime I’m a little bit old fashioned…)...

I can't wait to try this out! Thanks, Jan, for the post, and thanks to Bruce MacKinnon for the tip.