Using SharePoint for Blogging

Recently I've had a couple of questions from readers asking about the possibility of using SharePoint for blogging. These questions have been sitting in my “Research as a possible blog topic someday when I have the time” folder, waiting for a spare moment. Then today I received an email/comment from Sig Weber pointing me to his SharePoint Blog. To be clear, Sig's created a blog that's done in SharePoint, which contains lots of good content including posts about his progress, trials and tribulations in using SharePoint as a blogging tool. (Note: If you get a permissions error, you should be able to go past it -- as Sig points out in his blog, it's a work in progress :) So check out Sig Weber's Playground (aka. "Extreme SharePoint'ing" or: doing more with less) blog, especially if you're interested in evaluating SharePoint as a blogging tool.