Windows Live WiFi

While I've been away from this blog, I've been working with the MSN Access team. We provide dial-up access to a ton of users across the United States but we've also been working on a stealth project that we're now ready to Beta -- Windows Live WiFi. This version is pretty basic, but you'll want to be in on the Beta, I'm sure, because there are some very cool and incredibly useful features coming. 

"Getting online in a WiFi world
Windows Live is all about unifying our customer’s online experience. Well, let’s face it – you need to be connected (in one way or another) to have that world unified J. The Windows Live WiFi Center is all about helping people get connected in a secure way – it’s essentially our first step at creating an integrated software solution that helps people find and securely connect to wireless networks around the world. The Windows Live WiFi Center has a number of great features in this beta version (hint: beta = more features are coming soon…)."

We're blogging about the product on our Un-Wired blog -- stop by and take a look! You'll also want to stay tuned by signing up for our RSS Feed.