Building on MBS

What am I doing here, well I've been working in the business applications space for over ten years now and have worked with Navision and Axapta for the last five years. I've just relocated to the UK from Australia to start a new role working with developers and ISVs to assist them to build on Microsoft Business Solutions.

This is a fantastic space to work in for me as I like to think that I'm a developer, well I dabble. It's amazing the acceleration of interest in MBS applications and partner solutions. I noticed the other day that the registrations on are now up to 22,000 that's an astonishing number of people that are interesting in developing on Axapta for example. And there are different special interest sites popping up for developers and ISVs wanting to work on MBS.

The MBS Community is growing. Places of interest like great site for getting application and technical information on the MBS applications. is starting to gather some good content for developers on MS-CRM and the MBS applications. is a great site if you are interested in developing with Axapta. is a great site if you are interesting in Navision, they even have their own merchandising.

There are a number of other interesting community sites starting to pop-up for solutions on MBS. is a company that can help ISVs needed guidance on building a solution or developing for a vertical industry. Sites like are starting to catalogue different solutions. Of course if you are a registered partner in the MSPP programs for ISV or MBS these allow you to market your solutions with the tools that Microsoft provide. And a quick search on Google for Axapta, Navision, Solomon, Great Plains or MSCRM will land you a few million pages of links to partners implementing MBS production, developers who have solutions and consultants that are offering their services. It's just amazing to see a ecosystem like this mature and provide opportunity for everyone.

What this means is that with Microsoft providing the platform and partners building vertical solutions customers have a smorgasbord of choice for a complete solutions tailored to their business, it's a great value proposition.

Ok, I have to go and book tickets as I'm heading to Germany next week, so the parting thought for the day is that if you have an industry vertical solution, you should consider developing it to interoperate with MBS.



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