Making sure you have the right VM for the up-coming expiry date

I’ve had a few questions about the looming expiry of the AX2009 demo VM. Simple response is that you need to be on the Refresh 1 VM that we released in February 2009. You can get this from partner source on this link

There are two components that expire on the demo VMs.

1. The OS. The underlying operating system on the demo VMs has to be time bombed before we release them. This physically stops the VM working after a period of time. Generally we put a year on them. The AX2009 RTM demo image that we released in June 2008 will expire next week. You need to be on Refresh 1 as that will expire in 2010. See note posted here.

2. The AX license. We also have an expiry date on the AX license inside the image. The Refresh 1 AX license will expire next week. We will post a new license to partnersource by the end of this week so you can update your VM. See note posted here on updating the license.

Updating the AX license in the RTM image won’t stop the OS time bomb and there isn’t anything you can do to reverse that. If you are not sure which demo image you are using see this note. You should be on Refresh 1.

Hope this make it clear what you need from a resource point of view on continuing to use the AX 2009 Demo VMs. As noted in my post in April, we will release Refresh 2 of the AX2009 Demo VM towards the end of June 2009.