Processing OLAP Cubes and AX Companies

I’ve had this question a few times from partners so thought I’d post a note. To get updated transactional data into the OLAP cubes you will have to process the cubes in SQL Analysis Services. The question I’ve had relates to adding new companies in Dynamics AX.

In the SQL Management Studio there are two places to process cubes on the cube itself and at the database level. If you process at the cube level it doesn’t re-calculate the entire DB and so you won’t get new companies. So make sure you process at the database level. For example on the demo VM

1. Click Start\All Programs\Microsoft SQL Server 2005\SQL Management Studio.

2. When it opens connect to Analysis Services


3. When you expand the tree you will find the databases for example “Dynamics AX” on the demo VMs. if you expand the tree further you will see the cubes. If you right click on the database level of on a cube you will get a Process option on the submenu.


4. Only processing at the database level eg “Dynamics AX” on the demo VMs will update the whole OLAP db and pick up new AX companies you might have created.


It will take a minute or 2 to process depending on the data you have and the machine you are running on.


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