Quick update on the Refresh2 VMs

I’ve had a number of partners ask about the Refresh2 demo image. So just wanted to give a quick update. So we have finished the updates to the image. We are waiting for the final normal legal details to be finished and then we’ll be posting the image.

A few things that you will find on the updated image :

  • Microsoft FRX and Forecaster setup and demo reports with Drilldown.
  • Microsoft Dynamics Mobile “demo” for Mobile Sales setup.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Intelligent Data Management Setup (Beta)
  • System Center Operations Manager Management Pack updated to RTM.
  • Project Time installation
  • Environment Dashboard updated to RTM
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM basic installation with Outlook Client.
  • Additional tools to show web services and office integration
  • Demo data updated to current periods.
  • Apply Hotfix1 Rollup package.

There are also a range of other tweaks and updates that we have incorporated based on partner feedback. Also a range of Microsoft people have helped in getting this VM update ready which I’m really appreciative of.

I’ll post a note once the image is available from Partnersource my estimate at this stage is the end of this week.