Refresh 4 – Hyper-V Services


On the Refresh 4 VM you will find that the Hyper-V services are set to manual. This will result in the Time Sync service not starting. The end result of this is if you are running the second VM with Exchange then the Exchange Information Store won’t start because the time is out of sync between the two VMs.

So on AX5-W8R2-01 open the services


Locate the Hyper-V services. There are 5 services in total


Right click and select properties.


Change the start-up type to automatic so that when you re-start the VM the services will restart.


Hit apply and ok.


You should repeat this for the 5 services.



Now if you have had the second VM AX5-W8R2-02 started you are best to restarted the VM so that the machines can re-sync.

The other side effect of not having these services started is that when you try to shutdown the VM you might get a error message if the Hyper-V shutdown services is not started and you try to shutdown the machine from the Hyper-V console window.

Thanks to Kerry and Matt for pointing this one out.



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