Release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Demonstration Toolkit – Refresh 2

After a lot of input from the field and partners we have released Refresh 2 of the Demonstration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.



First time you run this it will pause and cache. View the second time it will be cached. Double click to view full screen. Video won’t display on syndicated links navigate to the original posting here 

You can find it on the usual link on Partnersource.

This Refresh2 image contains a range of new software updates that the field and partners can use to demonstrate and evaluate Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. Including but not limited to:

  • Lean Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX2009
  • Customer Model Visualization Tool
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM basic installation with Outlook Client.
  • Microsoft FRX and Forecaster setup and demo reports with Drilldown.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Intelligent Data Management Framework (Beta)
  • Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step
  • Rapid Configuration Tool
  • Hotfix Rollup 2.
  • System Center Operations Manager Management Pack updated to RTM.
  • Microsoft Dynamics Project Time installation
  • Environment Dashboard updated to RTM
  • Microsoft Dynamics Mobile “demo” for Mobile Sales setup.
  • Demo data updated to current periods.
  • Demand Planner 2.0 demo data setup.
  • GLS Layer files for Consolidated GLS and EERU on the disk
  • Performance tweaks and start up with minimal service state to minimize start up time.
  • Additional tools to show web services and office integration
  • Demo data change tool for Item names, Customer names and Vendor names

Make sure you read through the release note that is on the download page and watch the videos for how to setup the VMs.

There are some special items that you should be aware of as noted in the release note and setup videos :

  • Minimal services are set to start automatically. For example the web server is set to manual to make sure the start up time for the VM is improved. See the video on setup as this will impact the Role Centers
  • Disk configuration. If you create your own VMC files make sure you see the setup videos as we have moved the SQL databases onto a second virtual disk so that you can put this onto a second physical disk to improve the database performance.
  • Lean Manufacturing is on a optional download virtual disk. Make sure you see the videos on how to use this.
  • Using Hyper-V and VPC7 beta in Win7. If you move to these virtualizations technologies that will cause the machine to think the hardware has changed because of the integration component changes. Make sure you setup the network cards with the fixed IP address as per the VPC config. You will also have to activate some applications like Office because it thinks it has moved to a new machine.
  • If you are downloading the Release Note from Partnersource. Right click, change the type to All Files and add docx to the file name otherwise it will come down as a zip file.

The Refresh 1 is available still on this link:

Always appreciate the feedback I get from partners, and trust that you will get a lot of value from this update.