Changing the PDS Default Timeout

Some calls within the PDS can be long running and induce a timeout. This is VERY uncommon, but can happen when there is lots of data in the call. The product group has seen this happen around the AD Sync functions when the domain used has a large number of resources. If you are sure you are encountering timeouts in PDS there is a way to extend the timeout past the default 30 seconds. Please use this sparingly because you may be masking a larger problem.

The registry key used for storing the timeout is:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\11.0\MS Project\WebClient Server\ProjectServer\Datasets\Application

And the value that is affected is “connectInfo”. The addition is an optional “PDS Timeout=” string. For example:

Provider=SQLOLEDB;User ID=MSProjectServerUser; Password=password;Persist Security Info=False;Initial Catalog=ProjectServer;Data Source=TEST11;PDS Timeout=42;

The additional parameter can be added to the connection string through ConnInfo.exe tool (shipped with Project Server) by adding a semicolon after any parameter and adding the appropriate string.

Finally perform an iisreset command to ensure the new value will be loaded.