He's Back....

After a year hiatus, I've found a doctor to do a partial reversal of my management lobotomy ;).  I've done my management job so well, that I get to do that and some consulting on the side, you know like a hobby.  Everyone needs at least two jobs, so I'll be working part time for the Project team once again.

I've already helped complete a web service that will allow editing/ creation of Project Portfolio Server 2007 projects.  More details on that in the coming weeks when it's ready for launch.  For the foreseeable future my focus will be on creating some Project Server 2007 tools and teaching development classes.  Then sometime in 2009 I'll get to start working on the next version of Project Server and supporting early adopters.  This will be my fourth version of Project Server I support for early adopters.  I really enjoy seeing the progression of this product, it's been like watching a child grow up.  And yes I am skewed to the server.  The client has been around so long (17+ years I think) that many of the interesting customization and extension have been done.  But should something interesting come up on the clients side, you can bet I'll be there.

I'm really happy to back with the community.  There are so many great companies doing really interesting and innovative things, and people who do that work are unsurpassed and enjoyable to work with.  I look forward to sharing the journey with you once again.