Keep Pushing to RTM

Althought the posts have slowed I certainly haven't.  Building the Beta 2 TR VM has been a much bigger job than originally thought.  For beta participants if all goes well (and believe me things have not gone well up to now) the VM should be available for download this week.  I've actually worked on five different VMs in the last three weeks for different projects... it's been pretty confusing.

I've been working on samples.  There were quite a few API signature changes between beta 2 and b2tr, so that work has been going a little slower than I anticipated.  The one big post I've been working on has been much slower than I hoped... the same sample in multiple languages (VBScript, VBA, C#, VB.Net).  I thought I could get a tool to port C# to, and I did.  But only the logic moves cleanly, for some reason I can't get the UI to move over.  So I'm hand cranking a bunch of UI :(.  I really want the multi language post out this week... we'll see how I do.  The other thing of interest to me is error visualization.  Specifically if I cancel an operation via a server-side event how do you present that to the user?  I'm working on some guidance for that too.

The Project bug bash is over.  We had a nice spike in bug submissions, hopefully that was interest in the contest and not poor product quality :).  I hope you all entered in a buch of bugs and get a shot at the prizes.  I'd rather see a faithful follower win than somebody locked in a dark hot office (oh that's me, never mind).  I get to help review the bugs to pick the winners in the coming weeks.  And don't bother sending bribes... all I get to see is the bug, none of the submitter information ;). 

We're pushing to RTM here in Redmond with Project... I hope you are pushing your solutions too.