Larry Has Left the Building...

Last April I took a new job at Microsoft as a consulting manager.  This means my Project Server development has been shrinking toward zero (obviously you can't let managers write code).  I still get questions from people periodically from my blog.  I realized that I never really announced that I wasn't maintaining this blog anymore. 

So here is the announcement... Larry Has Almost Left the Building.  OK, why almost? 

One of the last things I did for the Project team was to write a solution starter.  Hopefully it will be posted to CodePlex very soon, I understand there are some bureaucracy to get through before it gets posted.  But I was asked to do a session at the Project Conference on Line of Business Integration with EPM.  Part of this session will be to review the solution starter that I wrote.  After Project Conference in October (or December if I go to the European Project Conference) I will be leaving the building.

I've enjoyed watching Project Server go from 25 methods (Project Server 2002), to a full blown API with eventing (Project Server 2007).  Most of all I've enjoyed working with the hundreds (maybe thousands) of partners and customers around their development issues over the last five years.  I'm confident the base we laid with Project Server 2007 will only be enhanced with the next release.  I wish everyone the best... stop by and say hi if you're at Project Conference.

 P.S. The link section on my blog has some of the other Project related blogs listed that you should find helpful.