MSDN Webcast Questions

I just finished my webcast and there were a couple of questions that I didn't fully answer.  So I figured I'd post here, and maybe the inquisitor reads my blog :).

Q: Microsoft will be releasing the Best Practices Analyzer for Project Server 2007.  Will the tool be customizable to add best practices to the ones that come out of the box?

Unfortunately the tool will not be extensible.

Q: Will the Administrative functions be accessible through the PSI?

There is a web service called Admin that let let you do a variety of operations.  Some examples of things you can affect include Active Directory sync options, server currency, reporting periods, statusing settings.  But there is much more to Admin, for instance there is a CubeAdmin web service.  This allows you to setup the cube building settings, kick off a build, and check it's progress.  There is a CustomFields web services that allows maintenance of the custom fields across the board.  Also let’s not forget the queue system and security web services.

So there will be a ton of administrative functionality available through the PSI.  Pick up the SDK and see if your favorite one is there.

Q: Will Project 2007 Beta 2 be an open beta?

Yes/No :).  You need to sign up, but I think they're taking everyone.  Here is the site to sign up at (click "Register Now" once the fancy picture of Office quits drawing)