PDS Extensions to PSI Calls

Yeah I went on hiatus again, but this time had a great reason, two weeks on vacation in Florida.  For the first time in many years I actually left the laptop behind and totally "unplugged."  I took about a week to destress about not being connected, but after that felt pretty good.  Left for home at 8:00 AM from Orlando airport it was sunny and 75 degrees.  Got back to Seattle at noon, 50 degrees and rainy.  But weather has improved here over the last week, so spring fever is back :).

As we are moving to beta 2 release next month, partners are getting more serious about building solutions on our new platform.  What is on my mind is porting Project Server 2003 PDS extensions to PSI calls.  I'm pretty confident that the "usual suspects" when it comes to extensions will work.  Ones that come to mind are:

Task Update, Flag Field Update, Any Task Field work

Things like that will work fine, including some new things that you couldn't do before like update Enterprise Calendars.  But what about the ones we don't know about???

All the readers out there... if you get a chance drop a comment with the PDS extensions that you want to see work in the PSI.  I'm preparing a Project Server 2007 Developer workshop, so my time to play with these is limited right now.  But at the very least I promise to pass these on to the people responsible for the PSI for consideration.  Hopefully in the coming months we can make some samples out of them.