Project Conference 2006 (Day 1)

Today is very exciting, Project 12 is being shown to the world.  There has been tons of preparation all leading up to these three days.  And that doesn't even account for the 2+ years of development effort around Project 12.  Right now I'm sitting in the Hands On Lab (HOL) area fixing machines so the attendees can come preview Project 12.  All the Project stuff is working correctly ( YES! not that I was worried [;)] ) it's all been hardware issues, bad disc drive, real time clock set incorrectly which is invalidating the activation of Windows.  The toughest job of setup is that I was so focused on getting the correct Project 12 build, I didn't include images for our shipping Project 2003.  So yesterday afternoon I had to go to 50 machines dropping Project 2003 images (3 GB ) so if there are questions on it we would have available software.  I got this job of setting up the HOL less than two weeks ago, so I'm really happy that everything is up and running. 

This is my third Project Conference and it just amazes me how much bigger it gets every year.  We out grew the Microsoft Conference Center and moved into the Westin in downtown Seattle.  Honestly with the number of people here 1300+ this even feels a but cramped.  If we grow again next year we'll be taking up multiple hotels, or going to Vegas baby!

I'm looking forward to talk with attendees to see thier impressions.  I just have to wait for the keynote to complete and the attendees come to work on Project 12.