Project Server 20007 VPC (BETA 2) Image Corruption

I've gotten a few notes about the VPC image for Project Server 2007 on BetaPlace being corrupted. We found out about the problem on Monday morning and pulled the image. Lucky for me it was a problem on the BetaPlace server hardware, and not the original image I created (phew!). I verified the new copy of the image on the BetaPlace staging server a few hours ago ( 6/27 10:00 AM PDT). Everything is a go for the uncorrupted image to be posted for download. I was told it will be available this afternoon sometime. To be safe I’d wait for tomorrow (6/28) morning.

Sorry for making you download 2GB again, but hardware hiccups happen (why couldn't it happen to a 100 KB file is all I want to know????) J