Project Server 2007 Beta 2 TR VM

I usually don't announce the availability of the Project Server 2007 VMs on my blog. But since the beta program is closing down, it hasn't really been announced anywhere else. So… (trumpets sound)… the Project Server 2007 Beta 2 TR VM has been available on BetaPlace for all the beta participants for about a week. Look for it under "Other" files. For some reason the Beta 2 VM is still available on the main screen and it makes for some confusion in finding the new VM.

Some of you may have heard but BetaPlace for Office 2007 closes at the end of this month. But fear not there will still be a place to find information, Microsoft Connect. The Microsoft Connect site is a new post RTM community area and has a dedicated section for Project. I have been told that the Beta 2 TR VM will be posted for download from Connect in the beginning of November. If any of you don't have access to BetaPlace, or for beta participants after Nov 1st, this will be your opportunity to grab the VM.