Where's Waldo???

Once again I disappeared from my blog, but I have a good reason, and it will be good for the readers out there.  I've be out at customer sites delivering Project Server 2007 development training for three out of the last four weeks.  Why is this good for everyone else???  Because I got a bunch of great questions that I can post :).  So look for that fodder to start coming out soon. 

In the month since I've posted we've released Beta 2 for the whole Office System.  MUCH better stability, PowerPoint now works as expected, and Outlook doesn't go off into "lala" land anymore.  Hey I'm not complaining, rolling a new format is tough.  I'm tickled that I can use beta 2 for my everyday work.  Now I have to work up the courage(really just find an appropriate machine) to install Vista Beta 2 and Office Beta 2.  I actually put Vista on my home machine, it's really cool. 

Specifically on Project, one of the other things I've been doing is building the Virtual PC/Server image for Project Server.  I had all the fun I did last time (see my post in March).  For all you beta participants, the VPC was posted on BetaPlace yesterday for you bandwidth destroying pleasure (it's a 2 GB download).