2010 - the Visa Odyssey: Last Hurdle before the H1B Visa turns to a Green Card ...

Another of my longfound truths of life was deemed false today.

LongFound Truth of Life # 671: "Any email that usually starts with the words - "Congratulations" is a Junk Mail from a newly minted "multi-Millionaire" from a faraway country to wants your help to move money into the US in exchange for a share of the millions.

Oh well Today#671 was deemed false for once.

"Congratulations" began the mail - "We are pleased to inform you that the I-140 petition filed on your behalf has been approved by the Immigration Service. This is yet another step on the road to permanent residence. As of July 2006, visas in your category are available to Indians with a priority date of Jan 1 2003 and since your application date is April 14, 2006...."

As any immigrant would know, There are three phases to the Green Card process:

1. Labor Certification (ETA 750 Application for Alien Labor Certification); (Estimated time to complete: 1-2 yrs)

2. Preference Petition (I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker); (Estimated time to complete: 4-10 months) and,

3. Final Application for Permanent Residence (I-485 Application for Adjustment of Status) (If visa is available, then Estimated time to complete: 10-18 months).

Details of myApplication:

Perm Labor Certification Applied: April 14th, 2006

Perm Labor certification Approved: May 2nd 2006

I140 Petition Applied: June 8th 2006

I140 Petition Approved: July 5th 2006

So yes - the immigration dept has decided to twiddle its thumbs for 3-4 more years atleast before a visa will be "made available" to me, even though I was deemed "worthy". Efficient. Not! 2010, here I come...