And all the kings horses - cannot make AOL Forward email !!

1992 - 1995 pretty much the time when I can recall one had to pay for email access. Or so I thought.

Recently I meet a friend who still uses AOL mail and pays 20$ a month for the same. Sure she can also use the Spyware feature, Kid feature and the fancy yellow running man feature (who even uses the 100 features on that) or even the "Dial-from-anywhere in the world" if u travel feature. But then she has broadband at home with Comcast and does not use the other fancy features at all!

So a crusade weekend - it was, trying to get her to convert to the normal world - where email is free and these days with storage spaces in GBs and not MBs anymore.

And then I realise AOL doesnt let email-forwarding .... or even Address book export. When was the last time that was impossible !!! In fact the only solution I can think of is our own MSOutlook with some forward rules with a replyto: <different email address> solution.

User "Lock-ins" such as these are terrible for the end-user. Especially for the end-users who are technologically challenged - or plain frustrated/scared of technology. Obviously we have a long way to go to get the end-user perspectives.

Fancy words aside - All the kings horses and all the king's men could not make me successfuly forward AOL Mail to another one - again !

Anyone with solutions - pls do reply. Thank you in advance.